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Craigslist and the Cupcake Experiment

posted Dec 28, 2011, 5:57 AM by William Alexander
    I actually have a great basic cake recipe.  The only thing that was changed was the wheat in it.  The flours were changed out.  So, over the holiday I decided that I would try to make two sets of cupcakes.  One with just a different set of flours and one completely allergen free (Dairy, wheat)  for me.  So, I took the butter and milk out and subbed it  to see how they both turned out.  
    I would LOVE to think that I know what I'm doing... LOL.  But I can't even figure out how to get an e-mail envelope on this site so that people can contact me. Short of slathering my personal telephone number all over the site and inviting CL stalkers to call me night and day, I am trying to figure all of this out at the same time....
    Yes, I just posted on CL that I know how to bake cakes.  I can. And they don't taste that bad.  Trust me, I make my daughter try them.  If she says they're good, I know they are.
I did have a mishap with one the other night though... I found out what happens when you add too much guar gum to a cake mixture.  SNOT.  Yup, it looked like something from Ghost Busters.  But not green yet.  So, it was EctoPlasm before infection.  HEHEHE...  It really did have a gooey, slimy consistency... But, just for giggles, I stuck my finger in and tasted it.  It was good.  The texture was a little off (A lot off).  But the flavor was ok.

    I baked it anyway.  Like heat helps slime :)  Well, no rising, no nothing.  And my daughter shook her head no and spit it out.  Then she told me to try a bite.  My thought on that, "Nope, not with the face that you made.  Why would I want to try something that tastes bad?"  
    So, the next morning, back to the drawing board.  Because you can't waste too much gluten free flour.  That's where the cupcakes come in.  There's a certain finesse to the batter, and I learned that on my birthday.  My daughter and I ate the WHOLE cake in a couple of days (short of bringing a couple of pieces to the Kim family that own the Natural Grocer around the corner).  I like to share my triumphs with them because they have the only independent, natural food store in the area (that I'm aware of).  If I ever get this thing off the ground, I'd like to see if they would let me do a public  cake presentation in the store some time.  They're such amazing people.

See picture below.  Can you tell which is the doctored one :)  I can.  Too much liquid makes it sink in the center. The daughter said that it still tasted AMAZING despite the sinkage...
William Alexander,
Apr 19, 2012, 7:02 PM